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I said it before and Ill say it again

Originally posted by Rusty Phillips
i tried wrapping a 50 grain tnt in pipe tape,

- man - those 224's are LOONG...... I am now of the opinion that instead of trying to get sabots for the 9mm 10mm or 45acp or whatever.... we would be better served finding a source of ultra liteweight (RCBD style) full caliber (short) bullets..... I think we would have much better success pushing a short full caliber 55-75 grain fmj to super high velocities than to get anything close to the same results with a 55 grina 224 bullet in a sabot....

due to the projectile length, and the length requirement to fit in the magazine, IMO you end up with too little powder space left over

and it has to fit in a G20 magazine,

follow the RCBD example
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