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Glockaholics anonymous membership

I do NOT have a problem, I can stop anytime I want. I don't need your help. I just use Glocks to unwind at the end of a day,you know,for recreational purposes only.Is there such a thing as medicinal Glocking?I just keep Glocks around in case friends stop by. I just Glock to be social.Would our recovery program be a 17 step since Glock doesn't have a lower number model?

The people on this forum helping each other wean off Glocks is like walking into an AA meeting with a 12 pack and announcing you're there to help them stop drinking.


Helping each other on this forum is like giving the keys to the chicken coop to the fox.

By the way, count me as a member.

Once a Glocker, always a Glocker.
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