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Originally posted by Tvov
Looks good, what about more RAM? I believe some of the latest games, such as Battlefield 2, are actually recommending something like 1.2g RAM. Since you are setting up a nice computer, why don't you just get 2g RAM? (I'm great at spending other people's money!) You could switch one of the hard drives for more RAM?

I'm actually going to be increasing the RAM on my comp to over 1g. My computer has a 60g hard drive, and it is just barely over half full, with over 100 games on it now.
Kind of maxed out the C.C. with the setup, (included monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse and three games). But the first upgrade will be another gig of RAM and mabye a DVD-RW drive.

Also the twin hard drives is not for storage space, I don't need that much either, but with the raid setup, you get much faster streaming speeds to and from the HD, improving performance quite a bit, or so I've been lead to believe.
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