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Originally posted by fastvfr

FYI, you simply do NOT need more than one gigabyte of RAM in your PC unless you plan to do a lot of video editing ect.

The addition of two more RAM sticks, or going from 2x512MB to 2x1024MB often causes substantial slowdowns in games.

The recommended amount of RAM in those games typically refers to the paging file, or Virtual Memory allotted. Less than that will cause stuttering or even crashes at times, but more physical memory, over 1GB, will not help that situation in most cases.

?? I've always heard RAM RAM RAM, when it comes to gaming. The more the better, never enough. I have 512 right now, and am going to get a 1g. I was thinking of leaving a 256 stick in, so I would have a total of 1.2+ RAM. Do you think this would work?
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