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I have the book. His juvenile changing of names is annoying.

Also, I think he gets a bit too obnoxious in dissing folks on his radio talk show---even folks who call in to agree with him get insulted.

Otherwise, I want him to run for Vice President on a ticket with Ann Coulter running for President. They could call it the "American" party. I would vote for them.

PS: I am wading through Coulter's "How to Talk to Liberals if you Must" book. I love her philosophy, but so far, I find the book very annoying and mistitled. All it does is publish all her old syndicated newspaper columns about GW Bush vs Kerry, liberal Democrats (a redundant term), 9/11 Arab terrorists, and the Iraq war. No discussion on how to talk with a liberal.

Conservatives have faith in individuals; liberals put their faith in the government.
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