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Geez. Nobody else offered helpful comments. I'll try to do better than the rest of the slackers in here

1. The house in the picture has a ladder near the left side. Fine if you want it there, but just wanted to alert you.

2. The e-mail text near the left side does not have a hyperlink and I think it probably should.

3. I don't think it's technically correct to use the colon after "Commercial Loans" and the other headings because these are titles.

4. I don't know what "No Income Verification Loans" means. Is that a common term? Is there a comma or parentheses missing somewhere?

5. The "No Income Verification Loans" seems to be pushed to the right just a hair.

6. Under Refinance, Consolidation is spelled wrong.

7. Rate/Term is not very descriptive. I assume that you are trying to get people to improve their situation by improving either rate or term.

8. I don't like the ??? under Refinance.

9. I think "Foreclosure Bail Outs" should be rephrased to sound more positive. "Bail Out" seems insulting.

10. On the Loan Process page, I think you should delete "Getting qualified before you apply for a loan can help you understand how
much you can borrow." because it's awkwardly worded and you say a lot of that in the next few lines anyway.

11. On the Loan Process page, I don't know what the "Apply for a loan" text is doing there.

12. On the Loan Process page, "When buying a house, it is highly recommended that you get pre-approved before you start looking for a house." should lose the "When buying a house," text.

13. On the Loan Process page, "1. Find out the maximum house you can buy, so you don't waste time looking for properties you can not afford." should be reworded. First, "cannot" is one word. Second, it's a negatively-worded sentence, which should be avoided if possible. The sentence focuses on the buyer's inability to afford the house, making them feel low-class. Reword something like: "1. Be efficient with your time by visiting houses in the correct price range."

14. "3. Helps you close quickly, since your loan is already approved." "since" should be "because" and lose the comma. "since" is temporal and "because" is for cause-and-effect.

15. On the Loan Process page, if I click the "here" hyperlink near the top, then another window opens. If I click the link again, another one of these windows opens instead of sending me back to the first one.

16. On the page from #15, the top line is "What you need to get started." and the second line is "Documents that might be needed." One or the other should be deleted.

17. "Last 2 years W-2 Statements" should read "W-2 Statements for the previous 2 years"

18. Similar for the one right below the W-2 thing.

19. "9. Check for credit report (and appraisal if there is a sales contract)." I think you should put "Payment" in front of "Check." I thought you were using "check" as a verb for a second there.

20. The plural of "addendum" is "addenda" not "addendums"

21. On the "Contact Us" page, there is no hyperlinked e-mail address. Very irritating.

22. On the "Contact Us" page, why is the font color for "fax" so light that I can barely see it?

23. "Comments, Questions, Information Requested:" should be way better aligned toward the top left of the box. On my computer, it's floating way up and to the right of where it should be.

Hope this helps.
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