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They will have reviews for just about everything you can dream of stuffing in your comp.

I agree with the ram issue. More than 1gig is overkill and can cause you problems. Just make sure you get quality ram over quanitity.

I also second the AMD option. Currently, AMD is killing Intel for gaming. And the old wive's tale of AMD running hotter than Intel is just marketing bunk. AMD publishes numbers run to the extreme where Intel publishes mid-range numbers.

I know just enough about computers to ruin a build, so I went with a Falcon Northwest Talon rig about 2mos ago. I spent about $2200 and could have built it for around $1900 for an exact parts match. My benchmarks are high enough on everything that I can brag to the uber-geeks and my framerates on BF2 are even in the lower 60's during a 32 vs 32 match on the larger maps.

Btw, the money I saved on not putting 2gig of ram into the box and going with the BFG 6600GT OC GPU PCI-E I put right back into it and got a Saitek gamers keyboard (pretty lights...) and the new Logitec MX-518 mouse (which is about the only thing I'll tell someone they'd better buy if they love gaming and take it seriously). I love my current rig.

Btw, I have 3500+ AMD, Seagate 80gig HD (have two 120's I'm gonna stuff in it soon), PC3200 1gig corsair, ASUS A8N-SLI MB, and Audigy 2 ZS, XP Pro, etc.
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