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small people vs. big. Krav Maga and sparring.

Hi guys. This is a simliar topic to the women thread below, but I'd like to get a bit more technical with my question. I'm 5'4", 140 lbs. I have always had a very difficult time visualizing and implementing proper grappling mentally, and have always had a predilection for striking. I've taken up a year of Krav Maga at our local ATA franchises, and progressed pretty well.

My problem? I get owned when sparring. Consistently, no matter what I've tried. A lot of my favored techniques in KM can't be practiced well against a live opponent for safety reasons (i.e. the front "door" kick), but I constantly find my extremely short reach to be a handicap when sparring. I feel its important to learn the sense of distance, when doing so, but I don't feel like I have any way to threaten my opponent. I receive a lot of conflicting advice from the instructors (get in close, stay far away, move in and out, etc) and all of it comes up lacking. It's impossible for me to get close enough to land a punch to a 6', 240lb. man without giving him an excellent opportunity to bash my skull in. There are a lot of kicks which I practice frequently but at our school, we do not spar with them because of safety concerns. Really, only tae-kwon do style side kicks and round kicks to the common peronial (sp?) are used.

Does anyone have some basic guidelines and actually being able to threaten my opponent? Because I'm getting very minimal value out of sparring practice due to the fact that I am either always dancing, never fighting, or foolishly rushing in once I get frustrated, and getting knocked out. I feel that fighting against a live opponent is one of the best forms of practice, but it seems so easy for everyone else, and so hard for me.
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