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Almost biting the big one (collapse story)

Well, here is my action report from a recent fire. I have pulled a few unit names out to protect the innocent, well in this case the just and lucky.

Long read, but hey, if you are at work killing time... FYI, this was an arson.

So thats the long story, short story, no one got hurt bad. 1970's early 80's lightweight contruction sucks!. The fire was lit at the front of the house and jumped into the roof quick and ate away at the truss memebers.


All of our training, and equipement came together, I can't say we made any mistakes (we were told there was a victim and where being agressive due to that). We learned a few lessons, but as the training officer for the FD I was trilled with how the guys handled themselves.

I know the officers were beating themselves up for sending us in, but hey, all the guys and my crew and myself knew the risks, we through we had a legitamate rescue and willing entered after evaluating the structure. This is what we do, our training and gear fell into place to keep us safe. I might take a second look next time based on what I learned, but I would still make the same call, no regrets (just a grey hair or two added, and I am young)

Take Care, Keep Safe --- Even the routine can be the extreme....
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