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Originally posted by GoreLicks
No doubt, that's why you cannot just shoot someone once. You've GOT to shoot until the perp is no longer a threat. One or two shots to the chest MAY not be enough to get the job done and there are too many variables. Some to consider, some that can't be worked into the equation until AFTER.
A cop from the Philippines (where I came from) told me that a person can still kill you within eight seconds even after he has been shot with non-survivable wounds. I wouldn't believe him at first, but after reading some posts, what he told me makes sense after all.

We got some training from an Israeli who came to the Philippines sometime in the late 80's. He was very good with the Browning Hi-Power. He told us to use the "body, body, head" technique. He told us a shot in the head is an insurance in case the perpetrator: 1) is using body armor; and 2) wasn't stopped by the two shots to the torso.
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