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Originally posted by CAcop
I got a question: Which is better 9mm or .45ACP?
It really depends on what ammo are you using for a certain caliber. A .45 ACP 230 gr Hydra Shok has had an impressive record. A 9mm 115 gr Cor-Bon is also good. 38 Super 115 gr Silvertips and Cor-Bons hold their own records as well. I wonder why people have "forgotten" the 38 Super. My friend used to hunt Philippine Deer with this caliber, and he told me he had better results with 38 Supers than with the .45 ACP. He further added that deer shot with a 38 Super FMJ almost always collapsed where it stood. Those shot with a .45 ACP FMJ still ran about 50 meters before collapsing.

Another friend's business was robbed by 5 people, all carrying .45 1911s sometime 2003. His brother-in-law was the manager of the business. His brother-in-law shot one of the robbers with a Beretta 22 pistol loaded with 22 lr Stinger on the chest. The robber was immediately incapacitated and died about 1 hour later in the hospital. Several employees of the business were injured after the robbers shot them.

Sorry, I have no experience with .40 S&W.

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