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Hard or soft?

Linear or Circular?

Stiking or grappling?

Or maybe mixed and in what percentages for example, 90% grappling and 10% striking or some other mix.

Including weapons or not, if so which ones, in particular firearms and knives for example?

Approach to disarming and degree of focus here. For eexample, do you take the weapon away from them and then finish them or trap the weapon, finish them, then take it. Seriously, I have noticed a difference between these two approaches in different arts.

Psychic....????!!!! WTF??? Is this a mistranslation and they really are meaning psyche or mindset or are they talking about psychic in some other sense? Is this strictly traditional mindset (overcoming fear and panic, being agressive in defense etc.) or is it something different and if so what exactly are we talking aobut and is it BS or not.

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