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Well, the biggest difficulty in answering your questions, is the same difficulty presented by many other martial arts- imitators. What applies for genuine Sistema might not be reflected in imitations.

It's, generally, a hard style, emphasizing striking and grappling, along with weapons skills (including firearms).

From what I have seen, the emphasis on countering weapon attacks is to "make the weapon moot", so to speak (moving it off-line, trapping, etc.) while simultaneously counterattacking the attacker.

Most of Sistema's curriculum is preemption-based.

The use of "psychic" should probably be preceeded by "for want of a better translation" (from Russian)- they are referring to "gut feeling", "well-developed intuition", "clarity of thought", and other concepts which are pretty commonplace in other nations' martial systems.

A good source of information on Sistema is James Williams. His site is

Hope this helps.
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