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Nope, you are correct. The report is only my engine report, we where 3rd on scene, the first units had already accomplish a Primary search and turned up nothing. Our problem was we had a Deputy and many bystanders telling us there were victims (which there was not). That was part of the reason for our agressive efforts. The house, at least on the main floor actually where under pretty good conditions considering there was a fire. This looked more like an attic fire. We had just had a really strong lightning storm roll through and the houses out here are notorious for getting hit by lighting.

So...this is kinda the whole story.

1st in (truck) -> Prepair for rapid search
2nd in (engine)-> pulled line for to protect search crew and get lines to control fire
-both crews enters the structure, nothing reported found on primary
3rd in (engine)(Me) -> perform truck functions and get the ceiling opend for the 2nd in engine crew to contol the fire.

It honest looked like a routine roof fire. Pull the ceiling, (it was allready self venting) and push the fire back from the unburnt portion. Well, this proves you never know.

Hope that makes a little more sense.
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