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I am beginning to agree with a lot of the unpleasant truths you put forth. I selected Krav Maga as a form because I felt it best suited my nature and my goals, but I've often heard that learning from a good instructor is much more important than picking any one method. I can kind of see why that is true. I wonder where I can find some good resources on instructors in the Orlando area who are highly recommended for combatives?

Also, I'd hate to say it, but everything I've ever heard about getting "inside" an opponent, that is to say, so close he/she cannot throw an effective punch at you seems to be a myth. Maybe in a phone booth its possible, but on a mat with lots of open space? Forget it. It's possible to throw a completely debilitating hook to someone who is strapped directly to your chest. Even an amateur just has to take the tiniest step back to once again have all the room necessary.

Given what I've read here, I'm going to try and focus on defense, and proper movement (which is the only thing keeping me from getting K.O.'d all the time). The movement is good at preventing me from getting hit, but I've yet to find a way to move that is conducive to offense.
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