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Originally posted by Rebeldon
I read where the officer shot the offender in the chest four times, and the offender kept coming at him with a knife.

If I were confronted with an offender carrying a contact weapon, I'm going to aim at his pecker. One shot to the pelvis and he's down. It would be mechanically impossible to stand, nomatter what the offender is snorting or smoking.
Not true. I saw a guy get shot in the pelvis area w/ a short barrel 16 ga shotgun w/ a slug at short range and the guy did not go down. He ran around screaming that his guts were on fire. The gun shot actually blow off his ***** and both testicles! He lived through the ordeal somehow and carried his guts around in a bag for 2 years.


P.S. Buy products that are made in the USA by US citizens.
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