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Originally posted by GSD17
I used to enjoy CB, it is fun for close range stuff, when you are 4-wheeling with buddies and stuff like that, but there are so many people out here running WAY hight powered amps and illegal radios that you cant get a word to someone next to you for being talked over by somone miles away. And most of the time its just a big cuss-fest. There are still a few good cbers, but not many. I hardly ever cut any of mine on anymore. Its sad really. I wish the FCC would start enforcement on them again. But I know they are way to busy.
I am a owner/operator, so I am out there with this daily, and I will tell you this. MOST CB'ers do it border-line legal, but like myself, most keep them turned off most of the time. I keep my 7800 on 520 all the time and many "Truckers" are starting to switch over and get their ticket. So there is getting to be more traffice on 520 from Truckers. It is nice to hear.. What gets my tizzle is that there are MANY ham-op's out there doing illegal Mods to CB's..
I was at a Truckstop fueling one day and a Ham-op was trying to sell all his 2-m stuff to unlicensed truckers because he was going through a divorce and didn't want his wife getting any.. But still floored me that he would be out there doing this, I went to say something to him and he got real nasty about it. He never gave out his call, but it wouldn't have mattered since it is not illegal to sell your stuff to anyone, just for those to use it.
But back to the Ham-op's doing "mods" to CB's...There is one out in Perryville OH that besides selling all the 10m rigs (Galaxy's, Rangers and the like) he will install 200w heat right inside the CB and do any other Mod that you may wish..
It is just stunning to me.. a) that he hasn't been shut down and does a huge business, and b) that he would do this at all.

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