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Sounds like a call I was on not to long ago, in an occupied 2 story townhome. Started advancing a 1.75" into the basement of this, when I got half way in, the back end of the house dropped into the basement. When I felt this, I dropped the line, and layed on my backside, and reached for my backup man. My backup man, and third man both pulled me out, just as the first floor fell into the basement, then 60 seconds later, the roof ended up where I was on the first floor! Did not think the fire progressed as fast as it did, and no one knew how long the fire had been burning prior to FD arrival.

Now, I dont want to step on anyones toes here, but if you had that much fire load, and it was self-venting thru the roof(10-15'), and from that picture, why would you not do a quick hit with a master stream, or deck gun, or large water line from outside. With that much fire, why not hit it from outside? If that much fire is coming out of the roof, and the roof overhang, chances are that the fire has a stronger hold on it, than the small water line you pulled can handle.

These are just my thoughts, it is not to belittle any of the members of those companies. Prior to my incident, I would have not hesitated to do the same things that you did. Glad to hear that everyone made it out, and made it home.
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