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Oh boy... some loaded questions here....

1st Master Steams...

I guess this is where I am going to depart from most.
-- You have to consider the massive amount of energy being propelled at the fire when using a master stream. Not only are you hitting whatever you are aiming at with allot of force, possibly unsettling a structure that is already weekend; but you are also disrupting the ventilation flow forcing the now venting fire gasses back into the structure. The fire is going to have no where to go and what ignited fire gasses are being produce are going to be blown back into every other orifice in that structure. Think what hydraulic ventilation does; now try that from the outside, even a straight steam with that much velocity and diameter will create an air draft.

Now comes the 2nd problem with a master stream. If there was anybody inside (which we had strong reason to believe), you would have just created a massive steam conversation effect rendering the atmosphere un-survivable. Water expanding 1700x its original volume will quickly expand to fill the entire house area with supper heated air searing the airways; your victim is now really dead. When the fire is self ventilating, the fire would actually be pulling cooler air from the bottom, also aiding visibility by clearing out the smoke; remember we had good conditions for search on the main floor upon arrival. Hit a fire like that with a master you will kill visibility and create one hell of hostile environment. All steam and smoke is going to bank down and fill the structure. That much water into the roof would also be soaked up they the insulation and cause the drywall that was still up to immediately drop to the ground further complicating rescue efforts and eliminating the only shield between a victim, or the rescues and the fire above.

Use master streams with caution, and never when you crews are deployed inside. They are an awesome tool, but I have seen more master streams make matters worse than ever solve them. Far to many departments wind up pushing fire right back into un-burnt portions of a building as well, of course that can happen with a water can too used wrong… I see allot of FDs pull up to a house with a room & contents blowing out a window, they wind up hitting it from outside. All of a sudden they wind up with fire in the rest of the house and wonder why. My preference would be to enter the building and make the attack from the hallway and push the fire out if at all possible. Of course you better have good crews and good combined operations (hose crews & vent crews need to be coordinated)

Fastest way to bring a building down.. Put up an Arial... That statement is all about the incorrect deployment of Master Streams.

And Mike....

Well, what can I say, my shoulder hurt for days. I don’t know what he was smoking that night, but he came out of that window like superman, does he not know he can’t fly. Mike owes me a beer for making sure he did not break his back on that fall........again.;c ;Q ;c even though he can't remember anybody catching him.. must be Post Tramatic Stress Dissorder.. lol
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