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Originally posted by fnfalman
My adopted dad has a TL, alas it's a slushbox version. I am not a doodads type so all of the electronic gimmicktries mean nothing to me. The Acura is a front driver and that takes a lot of fun out of what could be a great sport sedan. Nonetheless it is a lot of car for the money. The quality and fit & finish are top notch. The Audi leaves me cold. The Infinity is a great car by any standard, but somehow it also leaves me cold. It should be more fun to drive than the TL though. The Caddy, well, I would take it over the rest just because it has lots of oomph on a decently competent chassis. It ain't no BMW chassis, but it's still a good chassis thanks to Opel of Germany.
Maybe I should consider an M3..... Chicks dig Beemers ;z

My objective is really all weather practicality. I'm hoping to get a 999 for my speed fixes
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