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Originally posted by epsylum

Acura: the FWD ruins it for me. Good car, but WHY FWD, honda?

Audi: definately on my list. I love VWs and Audis. Oh I would only get a manual quattro. VW is known for crappy automatics and the quattro fixes the FWD problem.

Infiniti: I would get the G35 sport coupe. Basically a restyled (and better looking IMO) 350Z.

Cadillac: I am not a GM man and would never own one (Vette Z06 aside).
I definitely agree on the FWD with the Acura. If it was RWD or even AWD, I don't think it would even be a question as to which to get.

Right on with G35 coupe v. the 350Z. The only problem is that there isn't a manual w/ nav to be found within 100 miles of here according to infiniti's website. There are a few sedan w/ both, and the little angel on my shoulder says "more practical." But given a choice between a 6-spd coupe or sedan, the coupe wins hands down.

Thanks for the heads up on I'll check it out
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