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Originally posted by Nickotym
Apparently she is a cross breed as she does bark. As I said we don't know her complete breeding, as she was a rescue.

As to the not coming inside, we will have to agree to disagree, but the biggest factor is we have a 6 mo old human baby who we don't want eating doghair from the floor.

Thanks anyway.
Ok so she barks not a big deal there, maybe because she is scared and away from her pack? Its really hard to diagnose the underlying problem when the bigger problem is she is on her own.
If you bathe her twice a month with quality shampoo and vacum, sweep, what ever, every other day, any dog hair your baby ingests will not harm it, unless your baby has a medical condition that you do not wish to share (which is completely understandable). If that is the case please find your dog a home where it can be with a pack or possibly even add a second dog to the outside pack.
What I am trying to tell you Nick, is that your dog is miserable and that can be corrected with minimal effort on your part and actually once the routine is down it will make your life much much easier.
Please think about it, if you need me to pm you my phone number so I can speak to you and your wife directly I would be happy to do so.

Also found a link for you that talks about allergies and how owning a pet early in a childs life can actually reduce chances of asthma.
Click Here
Good luck
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