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Originally posted by c5367
Thanks for the link. Not only does the 6-spd only come on the 250, but only the RWD version. The AWD gets a 6-spd auto w/paddle shifters. Depending on how well they work, it might not be too horrible. The F1 racers seems to like the clutchless paddle shifters, so maybe I ought to give them a shot. Looks like everything just got more complicated ;f
Well it may be an auto, but Toyotas autos are very dependable. My brother had a 91 Camry V-6 auto. He sold it with over 250,000 miles on it. The only problem was a rust hole in the exhaust. The guy he sold it to has done nothing except change oil and add gas and still drives it daily. Last time I heard it was approaching 300k.

Those new Lexus GSs are sweet looking. Personally I was dissapointed to find the AWD was not for the V-8. That would have given Audi a run for thier AWD money.

edited to add:

oh what's this new IS? I miss read that. Now clicking on the link. Oh Oh get that! Man that thing looks sweet.
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