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Thanks, everyone, for your comments. Especially suggestions on clinching and inside techniques. For some reason the instructor running our school keeps breezing a bunch of guest instructors (of varying skill levels) through our school. Must be some kind of money issue, but we can't seem to go longer than two weeks without changing assistant instructors.

One of them was very combat oriented and didn't accept flawed technique, which was very good. He demonstrated several moves that would allow working into a clinch from a common redirect. Once in the clinch (which is kind of hard in boxing gloves where you can't get a lot of grasp), hooks and knees can be thrown with a reasonable amount of power. I have yet to successfully employ the technique on my own, but then we only spar once a week (which isn't enough, but I can only make it to class three times a week, usually). I feel its due in part to the limitations of my school, and my own life's limitations.

There ARE advantages to being small, not the least of which is being able to easily evade most strikes, and having (I think) slightly better stamina (IF you have kept yourself in shape).

What is a "Thai plumb"?
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