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Well this could be long and drawn out so please bear with me. I've been training for over 20 years but never had this problem before. I feel I have an idea but I need to pick ya'lls brains. Let's begin with a background of, I have 3 dogs (2)11yr. old mini schnauzers-spayed & neutered, and a 10 month old intact male doberman. Before anyone suggests neutering the dobe it can't happen at this time as he is being shown in the breed ring.
OK to the problem it would be the baby dobe. He is having a peeing problem as in let's smell the females butt and then pee on the floor or sneak in the living room and pee on the table and the ultimate stand and pee on my sons leg as we all were watching.
Now my son is 21yrs. old and probably disciplines the dobe more than anyone. Not to say that I don't as I'm the one who feeds and trains him. My male schnauzer was intact and used for breeding for 7 years and never had this problem but I'm now worried that he and the dobe might start a peeing contest. I most certianly don't want this.
OK here is what I'm thinking maybe the dobe is now like a teenager so he is checking out the waters as in trying to be alpha or when peeing on my son a sign of disrespect or a combo of both. When he peed on my son he knew he did wrong as he took off and my son caught him put the leash on him and took him straight outside and then put him into his crate for a well deserved time out so to speak.
I was thinking of a male belly band but I know that is not the answer it would be just a quick fix and only while wearing it(if he even would-I could see him tearing it off). I hope that this is just an adolescent phase but let me know if I'm on the right track and what suggestions might help.
Deuce your landshark isn't much older did he try anything like this and is he neutered? Everyone thinks that neutering is the answer for everything and I will admit it would help but not at this time. He comes from a line that has beauty as well as brains and I'm trying out all the avenues at this time.
Thanks for reading all of this and for any input.
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