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Great ideas and thanks for the input. G20man you right about timing, I'm also impressed with the 90min. down stay, hope you were comfortable for the duration. I do the 30 min. down stays about every other day. Of course he usually just falls asleep after about 15min. but I then wake him up after 30 and give him his release word. Will try that with leash and collar and see how it goes. At the time he peed on my son the only thing within reach was a cotton lead. I grabed that and by the way I scared my husband to death with my yell of BAD DOG right when he did it. They say you have to growl deep like Mama dog and that yell came from down at my toes I think! That is one of the hardest things to teach a person is TONE when training a dog. People also ask me "How come "Spot" will listen and do for you and not for me" I tell them "Spot" knows I mean business and that I know what I'm doing. Well thanks again for everything.
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