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Originally posted by resqtech245
What aspect of RIT are you training on? Approaching a downed firefighter, enlarged openings, SCBA switchover, face piece switch over, the Denver Drill, The Columbus Drill??
We have done some training on SCBA buddy breatheing, sharing air, etc. I am looking at doing aproaching the firefighter and then extricating him from whatever he is in. We have several FF's that have recently obtained their state cert, along with many others that have little to no formal RIT training. To be honest I have somne, but nothing masively extensive. However after some recent seminars that I have attended I think this is somthing our dept needs to focus a bit more on rather than just a "RIT, we do it in terms of assigining a crew but they don't have any real RIT training" approach. Whatever I do as a nightly drill I will practice with one of the daytime crews.

As for RIT bag or equipment, or harness, etc... he have NONE of that. For the past three or four years my FD out of area training and reading has been limited since I have been concentrating on EMS and some other areas, besides the fact of being married and having a five year old, house, dog, two jobs, etc. To be honest I had little idea untill about sixz months ago when I got my fire instructor (same class to get my fire and EMS instructor so I just applied for the fire one since I met the state REQ's" and started playing catch up.
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