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FGJ, I would recommend against just rushing straight in, a skilled striker is going to use lateral movement and pepper you with strikes. You need to do something similar to stop that from happening, create an angle and rush in on that breif opening created thru your footwork.

EXample: you and your opponent are facing off in orthodox leads (left legs forward). If your opponent is standing still, his immediate are of attack opening is directly in front of him, as you get farther off of his centerline, his attack options diminish, as do the attack options power in most cases.
To get off his centerline, take a diagonal step forward with your right leg, try to get off at a 45 degree angle, and quickly get yourself set in your stance. (At first a hoppign kind of motion is typically seen until your footwork comes easier).
Your opp will naturally turn to face the threat of the new attack, but befer he does, his feet are crossed relative to you, This is your entry line... GO! Come in a little low and hard, keeping your guard up until your hands in guard position are close enoguh to touch, then do your clinch. If you can time it right, your opponent will still be turning to face you and will be unable to mount any significant offense. (a left handed weak backfist is all most can muster, some good kickers can slip a side kick in, but that you can deal with pretty easily, a spinnign technique can be common here, but typically that just leads to someone with good footwork getting their back by stepping forwards and left into the opponents back).

For circling opponents: if you are both circling left (clockwise if seen from above), the move above works with no modifications

For opponents circling right (counter clockwise), take the step forward and left with your lead leg and defend. If your opponents reaction is to punch, use the technique I wrote abotu above off of a punch defense, if his reaction is to kick, you can usually defend the kick by stepping deeper (think lunge) into him and throwing your right hand hard down the centerline into his chest, you're idea isn't necessairly to impact him hard, but to PUSH through him with it, many times this will knock a guy on his butt, if not, it will knock them back, takign all power from kick and putting them off balance, and ....what's that behind you? A right leg back and ready to knee or kick? Or step forward if they move too far backwards to chase them down.

Another little note on footwork, YOU ARE ALWAYS IN A GOOD STANCE!!! anything else and you are either hitting (in the act of striking), or getting hit. Practice moving so you are in your stance. IE, take a step to your right so you land in your stance, take a step left so you're in your stance. Forward, backwards, diagonally, etc. Always stay in your stance.

A good drill is to make yourself a tape, give each direction a number (mine break down to look like this cool little graphic below:

1 F 2
5 X 6
3 B 4

X is starting, F is forward, etc. On your tape, call out a number, followed by a technique. Meaning that when you move to that direction, you perform that technique. "1, Right Cross" "4, Front kick".... make yourself a long tape and start at random places in it to mix up the workout. If you have to adjust your stance after you move to throw a technique, then your stance is wrong and needs work. Don't sacrifice your base to try to hit... it'll only lead to you getting hit.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions about the stuff above, just ask in a PM or post.

Good Training
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