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Kind of off topic here, but relevent:

We just did our big annual structural drill, including RIT rescues and FF Down scenarios, and a couple of things hit me -

1) New SCBA harnesses should have "drag handles" to allow down FF's to be extricated faster. The new MOLLE gear the military has incorporates this feature...

2) The harnesses should also have an integrated radio holder to get you portable out of pockets, off straps, etc. It should be accessable so that the OH S*** button can still be pushed.

3) BUNKER GEAR NEEDS MORE POCKETS! Not necessarily big ones, but better placed for smaller items - hose straps, flashlights, etc. They have gotten better over the years, but improvement is still needed!

Any of you enterprising guys and gals who can make this work, feel free to steal these ideas!

BTW, the one thing I would pass along to newbies about RIT - Be fast, but efficient. Being fast is good, but alone it makes more victims. Efficient alone is good, but tends to be slow. Make all movements, saerches, tactics count - you (and the FF's you're rescuing) may not get a second shot at it!
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