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Call for help as soon as you think you're in trouble!
The rest of this is a long winded response...LOL

We have trained ALOT on this and tried many variations, and ideas. So here are my .02....TRAIN, TRAIN TRAIN, do it with purpose and as realisticly as you can, make it difficult, let people fail if they need to, make each evolution build on the last and increase the difficulty as you go.
Every rescue is going to take more than 2 minutes!!!! 2 people is not enough!!! Get a RIT bag and train with it, develop an SOP/ SOG that works for your Dept. The RECON team idea is a good starting point, it is all 2 in 2 out gets you. Realisticly a rescue will take at least 3-4 people per downed FF, if they are unable to walk out on thier own. Pass alarms work pretty well. Do your training on air, with the masks blacked out, work on self rescue this way too. Know your SCBA blindfolded and with your gloves on, practice your trouble shooting drills. Do entanglement drills, learn to calm down, and think. Move all radio traffic except the rescue to a new channnel, the rescue stays on the original tac channel, so the downed FFs do not have to change. "Calling the Mayday" is a good training available on the net, then follow it up, Phoenix, AZ FD has a tape they will send you free covering the loss of 2 (I think)FFs in a grocery store. It is a good tape. Try to learn form your failures/ mistakes, and hope they all happen in training.
Good luck.
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