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Will do

I think you are right. I have to admit I haven't spent a lot of time research full contact schools in the area. Although we throw full force attacks when we spar (or as hard as we want), our target areas are limited since we don't have red man equipment, and we often have students of disparate strength/size fighting each other.

I'm not really sure how to evaluate this: Certainly, I have not learned all I can learn from my current form of sparring. I don't have the footwork and the offensive/defensive transition skills that I would consider decent. However, our sparring practice does limit what techniques I can employ. Especially the full-power front kicks. I'd also like to find a place that focuses on defense against weapons. But its very difficult to find a place that practices real knife/stick/gun defenses with the intent of having you use them. They always seem to be halfheartedly taught as a supplement everywhere I go.
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