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Originally posted by mossy500camo
Brass Eagle Markers any good? Good enough for a paintball war between a 39 yr old and 13 yr old?
Only thing i can suggest is look on for some secondhand markers.. i still strongly suggest you visit your local field and see what they can supply in rteh way of second hand markers.

You do realise that semi auto markers can fire up to 24 balls per second in some cases.. and full auto ones ~15bps.

Simple pumps>>
I started the same way - last Sunday a team of 12 to 13 yo's took out a 5 man team of 22-35 yo's >> One 4' nothing midgit bunkered 3 players in one game >>> his dad takes him hunting !!!!
Registration and confiscation destroyed my G25,G19,G23,G27
Then they prohibited .40 and .45 cal
'cos it wasn't a target calibre.
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