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Longshot 155 gr. load data

Glockadict: I worked up a load with Longshot for 155 gr Rainier RN (copper plated) with 12.4 gr of Longshot, OAL 1.260, 1450 FPS.

I've fired hundreds of them with no malfunctions at all. It's close to a full-house load with no flat primers, case bulges or other over-pressure signs. Fired in my full size Ported Witness with fully supported barrel & 22# Wolff recoil spring. I recommend back down 10% and work up. Be careful with other pistols with unsupported barrels.

By the way, are Glock 10mms built like the 40 S&Ws with weak support at the ramp? I fired one at the range and it felt real nice, but I just wondered about the ramp cut. I noticed a lot of guys are using KKM aftermarket barrels.

Good shooting, guys

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