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Well, the most fun to drive will be the Porsche.

Mercedes, no way. Junk, drive it and you will see(can you say numb and soft?).

Audi TT, ah....will you be driving it?(it is a womens car plus not reliable, also soft).

BMW, I love BMW (used to sell them), but I hate the Z4. Interior is not up to the price of the car. You feel as if you are riding in the trunk(nose is way to long, does not give you the normal BMW feedback).

Vette, very fast but lack of feedback. You can reach the limit and go flying over it due to lack of feel. Of all these cars, the most likely to be wrapped around a tree.

I say go for the Porsche. Why, great performer, ok reliability, great feedback, and most is the most fun to drive.

BUT WHY NO STICK? The S2000 is a hell of a car and a real value. Plus, these types of cars should only be sticks.
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