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Yippe I' making the first post of the year 2002(on this thread)

Any luck on the sabots?
I wonder if a .50BMG sabot could be turned down to .45ACP diameter without falling apart?That would allow the use of a .30cal varmint bullet in a Glock 21.


BTW:I saw a post on wilcats cartridges being renamed to avoid copyright infringement for those who merely copyrighted rather than pantented their ideas.There is a version of the .300 Whisper called the .300 Fireball.It's a subsonic round for use in suppressed M16s and it has actually been used by SpecOps teams on more then one occasion.I wonder if there is a similar alternative to the ".2** B*z"?Anyway if you can buy a .300 fireball barrel,dies,reamers when it is an exact copy of a JDJ caliber why not the other?
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