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Hows the schedule so far, hotpig?

We are currently in negotiations with our city and administration about a trial period.

What schedule did you work prior to this, hotpig? I am also curious what schedule PA Glock Guy is working.

For PA Glock Guy:
The 48/96 works out to an average 56 hour work week, which is the same as what we currently work out here, just in a different format.

Current Schedule: XOXOXOOOOXOXOX

48/96 Schedule: XXOOOOXXOOOOXX

The two schedules are the same number of days, just with a different alignment. Those on duty shifts are 24 hour periods. I know a number of departments on the east coast split the day into 10's and 14's, or 12's. Most of the departments out west just work 24's.

Personally, I think it would be a pain in the rear to have to work partial shifts for multiple days in a row; I'd rather go there and get it done, and have larger blocks of off time.

Keep us posted Hotpig on how things go.

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