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We work for four days and off for four days. Two, nine hour days, followed by two, fifteen hour nights, then off for four days. The schedule moves up a day after each shift. It comes out to 48 hours but they count it as a 42 hour work week because we work 16 day in the month. We also have four platoons as opposed to your 3 so theres no way you could work this schedule anyways. By the way, please dont take it personally about your long shift, on the east coast were not used to working that schedule. Most of the cities around here pretty much have the same schedule as we work but one city close by has three platoons and works the 24 hours on and 48 hours off. They like it so I guess you learn to like what you have. To me 48 hours on duty seems too much time to be at work. I dont know where in CA you are but I wouldnt want to be cooped up for 48 hours straight in the middle of winter. lol Were also blessed that the cost of living is relatively cheap and most of us live close to work so its no big deal to drive back and forth so much. But if you work in a district where the cost of living is too much that you cant live there I understand the 48 on so you can live farther away and are not driving as much.
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