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Originally posted by TerraMedicX
Just heard last night that the FD I volunteer for is moving to this schedule for their payed staff starting end of December. Personally, I won't have to do it since I'm still only volunteer with the FD, but my experience in doing long shifts on the ambulance (just finished a 62.5 hour shift on Monday morning and doing it again this weekend!), I think people will probably get used to it. The one REALLY nice part is that it cuts down on travel time/mileage and with gas prices the way they currently are...

Volunteers at my station aren't allowed to do more than 24 on the ambulance for liability reasons. Don't need a lawyer saying you ****ed up because you weren't getting a full sleep. Gotta take 6 off every 24. Only time it's a pain in the ass is christmas where me and the other jewish guy are the only coverage.
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