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go to and read all the problems the fords are having with the new 6.0 powerstroke. its a LOT then go to and read about the dodges. i have been trying to make the same decision and have been researching all 3 of the diesel trucks and i am sold on the dodge with the 6spd manual if i was getting an auto i would look at the chevy but probably still go with the dodge. and whoever made the comment to go with the ford because it is a 8 and the cummins is a 6 almost all of the semi trailers on the road are 6's they are inline 6's just like the cummins you cannot beat an inline design for durability and torque. plus the cummins has more power and better gas mileage and they are actually cheaper to work on than the powerstroke. look under the hood of the fords its a nightmare under the hood of the dodge is great its an inline tons of room you can see everything under the hood. but they are both nice trucks dont get me wrong and im sure you would be happy with either if you dont get a powerstroke that has all the problems they should have stayed with the 7.3 that was a great motor but the stupid emission thing blah blah blah ;c
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