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My initial attitude toward guns changed real fast when my husband and i went backpacking and had an unpleasant encounter with a cougar... um, i'm not recommending that as an approach... but afterwards, my husband bought a .22 target pistol, and i had so much fun with it that i have now (10 years later) worked my way up to a Thompson Contender in .454 Casul (sp?) ("nice kitty, nice, niiiiiccccce kitty" BANG!)...i carry a 9mm daily, and my husband and i take combat pistol classes every summer, and do IDPA matches when we can get a babysitter. It's important to me to know that we can function as a team under stress, and a whole lot of fun, besides. My only advice is making sure she knows that there are a whole lot of guns out there to try, each feels different and she can just keep trying different ones til she finds the one that is comfortable for her.


Good Luck!
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