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Mostly, an HK USP Compact in 9mm in a Coronado purse, unless the weather is cold enough for a jacket or a very oversized fleece-lined flannel shirt. It prints in anything lighter. I like the purse but i have some issues with purse carry, like the fact that the thing weighs so much it hurts, and also my habit of putting my credit card in my pocket so i can pay at the pump...leaving my purse in the car while i get of the most likely situations in which i'll actually need the gun, and i don't have it handy. I'm looking at an XD, possibly in .40 or .45... I may go back to fanny pack carry next summer, but i'll need a new pack, cause i've worn out the elastic holster in my old one (hey, it lasted 5 years, not too bad)... it's actually not as easy to draw from as my purse is, but if i'm more likely to keep it on me, then i'll take the trade off.


And whoever was asking about fanny pack carry...yeah, you need a holster in it, esp if you are carrying a Glock (no ext safety)
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