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Hope ya'll r enjoying ur new shift times. I've been working a 48\96 since i started 3yrs. ago and I love it. ol' lady don't like it much but she's gettin' there. Really hope everything goes well with the new transition. Although as with every dept u'll have the ol' timers screamin' b/c of the change. But as I've always heard change has its benefits. The only down side of it where I'm from is they (city government) take away sleep from us. we're here for 48 but only get paid for 37.23hrs. how crappie is that. I,m looking in on that though to see if there is any thing that can change that legeally. So if any body has any advice or legal help post it or email me at please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't think it's right for they to deduct us for sleep time but I guess things could but worse.

Thanks in advance 4 ur help
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