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thats how they do us . we get paid min for min unless a call falls between 2am & 4am and then we get paid 8hrs.they used to not do that until they found out that the state requires a minimum of 5hrs of uninterruted sleep. but still if u don't have a call then u dont get $$$$. so in that chase ur just s.o.l. . Just a couple months ago they started considering capts. administrative so they know get paid a straight 40hrs. man they don't even have to get out of bed to go to a fully involved structure fire no matter how big or small if they dont want to. everything know is put on the Lts. shoulders for more weight for they to bear & of course that adversly effects us FFers B/c they took men from the line. it's all a bunch of crap, crap & more crap. thanks for reply, John Brannen
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