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Originally posted by Albert Shear

Babysinister-FC stamped had a weakness in the web area of the case construction-a defect. Federal strengthened the case and to differentiate the the newer cases from the older they began stamping the Federal instead of FC.
Thank you for the info. I do have a whole bunch of 9mm Federal stamped FC, that's why I asked. I bought my first Glock, a G19, just a month ago. I haven't been able to fire it yet, what with Wilma and post-hurricane repairs and all. I had it in my range bag all ready to go for this weekend. I guess now I'll unload the FC 9mm and replace the batch with some Georgia Arms factory ammo that I bought when I got the gun. Whew! Seems that the time lag between buying the gun and taking it to the range for the first time is a blessing in disguise. What do you do when you have a bunch of FC stamped ammo, return it to Federal? Or just flush them down the toilet?
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