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Originally posted by 10mm4ever
So..."handguns are not fightstoppers"?Just another blanket statement from the "pro",eh?;Q Some are more effective fightstoppers than others,all things being equal,such as shot placement.Some are even very effective with mediocre shot placement.Also you state"we carry them because they're convenient and handy",sounds more like a condom to me.;Q
Well, maybe you should try and convince the military to change their rifles to 10mm handguns since they are so effective.

Keep in mind, the fact that they are convenient and handy should not be used in your argument to them, the 10mm is just that good is all... ;Q

You suggested that a 10mm is "more effective" when all things are equal, but in reality, all things are NOT EQUAL when you compare the 10mm to other rounds such as the 9mm.

For instance, can you afford to train with your weapon as much if you are paying for 10mm vs 9mm? You'd need to be able to practice more since recoil will be increased and even then I'd doubt you can place 10 rounds of 10mm as accurately and quickly as you could shoot 10 rounds of 9mm.

Training will be the determining factor for victory, most likely. There is a reason why LE officers with more range time statistically increase their likelihood of surviving a shootout. Train, train, train!!

The point of this thread is to make the point that you are NOT going to want to rely on one shot to get the job done (no matter the caliber). So, train often with your carry gun(s) and train to make quick follow up shots.

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