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Originally posted by 10mm4ever
Excuse me Gorelicks,but why do you keep going back to the 10mm?Here again you'll "wow" all of us with how much cheaper the 9 minimeter is,and how fast you can get in those follow up shots(because,you obviously realize that it will be necessary).Then I'll respond by stating that a .22 is cheap to shoot as well, and follow up shots will be even quicker with a .22,so why don't you get one.Then you'll explain to all of us, why LE officers train so vigorously,and how they hardly ever miss during a gunfight,sometimes even at point blank range,right? If you were truly as confident in placing multiple shots where you want to(while the BG's throwing lead at you,stabbing you,etc) and if quick follow up shots are so crucial,you would have no reason not to carry a .22.Now that would be a real show of confidence in your coolness and marksmanship!! You can kill with a .22 you know.So if your reason for not going to a .22 is lack of stopping power,then obviously you're admitting that horsepower is an important factor....right??;Q
A 9mm has 95% of the terminal performance of the best 10mm and 45 rounds. Yet its much easier for most to shoot fast and accurately. The 22 does not have 95 % of the terminal performance of a 10mm or 45. So your argument is stupid.
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