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Originally posted by 10mm4ever
But the .22 would be even quicker to get quick follow up shots with,I thought that was important guys.The 9mm is 95% as effective as a 10mm???But I thought all handgun calibers were the same?? So,you guys are saying that anything under 9mm isnt enough,and anything more powerful is just wasted energy? Hmmmm.......;Q
It must be hard to be that dense. Yes follow up shots are important. If you look at the wound path of a 10mm and a 9mm you will not see much difference. Now combine that with the fact you can shoot 4 9mms in the time it takes to shoot 2 to 3 10mm's the 10mm really starts to suck because the 9mm is doing more damage to the target in a shorter amount of time. I do believe the 9mm is a good all around cartridge. I also like the 45 acp because it offers a mile improvement without a huge amount of recoil. I don't care for the 40 much because I don't see the little bit of performance it adds to be worth the costs in recoil and ammunition capacity. The 10mm usually expands less than the 45 acp and has more recoil to boot so its not my choice anymore.
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