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Originally posted by 10mm4ever
Dense??Show me a 9mm round that will physically knock a 35 lb. block of ballistic gelatin off the table.It's called a pressure wave,and the 9mm doesnt compare,forget about it. Dense would be hitting a nail with a ball peen hammer 5 times to get the job done,as opposed to once or twice with a REAL HAMMER.This is the internet,and if you can be a "firearms instructor" then I'm a damn psychologist.So my prognosis is simply that your recoil sensativity fuels your rage,and explains why you simply cannot stop mentioning the 10mm or stay off threads that say anything about the caliber.Feelings of inadaquicy maybe?Thats my prognosis,because I'm a psychologist.;f
Well if I were a 35 pound block of jello I would be worried. But in real life neither the 9mm or the 10mm will knock a man down. The pressure wave you speak of is called the Temperary Stretch Cavity and at handgun energy levels (yes even the 10mm's) it means little to nothing. Its not large enough to rip and tear tissue like a rifles TSC does. It simply does not contribute to wounding. (ie it does not make the hole bigger) If you look at penetration and expansion figures and actual street results the 10mm has a very very very small edge over the best 9mm rounds. 3 to 5% is not enough to justify the extra recoil.
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