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I'd found a couple photo sites that had pics that the Rangers/PJs and other guys there had taken, along with photos the families had released of the falling, including the Delta guys' families.

Of course however I bookmark these sites, then my computer crashed!

There were pictures I remember of Matt Rierson's family (Yes he wasn't killed on 3 OCT but was soon after), and one of Earl Fillmore as he was bodyguarding Schwarzkopf in Saudi Arabia.

Killing Pablo was a little disconjointed, but still an amazing read about a very chaotic time and place. During a training session for a previous job I'd met an individual who perhaps had been involved in one of the facets of the hunt. He wouldn't say much, but said it was a helluva time trying to find him.

I **believe** it was on the special edition dvd that Bowden hinted about his next book: Major General William F. Garrison (Ret). If that comes to fruition I will be at Barnes on it's release day!
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