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I think my 21 has proven its durability

For several years Iíve been abusing and neglecting my Glock 21. A running joke among some friends and I, nothing planned or documented. As I tell people what it has been through, most simply donít believe me. I wouldnít either, I guess. If someone told you their Glock has at least 150K rounds through it, and has gone almost 15K rounds with no cleaning or maintenance, would you believe them?

I want to do this so I have documentation, of what has been done, and how it worked. I donít care about 500rds without a FTE, or FTF. Once it was buried in the mud w/a full mag, and when I dug it out the next day it went bang the first time I pulled the trigger but the weight of all the mud on the slide kept it from cycling. I scraped off most of the mud on my boot and fired the remaining 12 shots without a problem.

I want to know how much can it take and still function. If not function perfectly Ė what will it take to get running again.

Originally Posted By Mr45auto:
Hey partner, better you than me. I wouldnt do that test on any pistol I've gotta pay for. You do realize of course you're gonna make a $400 gun into a $100 gun?
Its all been done already, I'm just going to keep track this time. Heres a pic after around 15K rounds with no cleaning, and being buried in mud etc...
The barrel fouling was amazing, it was basically a smooth bore.
Valuable Info

Originally Posted By dubb-1:
Originally Posted By triburst1:
Which of your 1911s are you going to put through the same tests?[]
I'd vote for Springfield Professional Model.

Be well!
Come on over and toss your Pro (video)out the window. Hopefully it will land on my glock instaed of the rocks.

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